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WARNING: If yer not a Spice Girls fan, go away 'cos you won't like our comments!!

"Yellow men in Timbuctoo, Colourful both me & you"-Spice Up Your Life
What is that supposed to mean?

This is my Spice Girls page! Make that Anti- Spice Girls! It used to be another page. So, for those of you who're looking for it (the other page, obviously!), I deleted it. Oh well, what're you waiting for? Let's get it on, get it on...

Their movie, "Spiceworld", is out on Dec 26!! (Can't they even let us enjoy our post-Christmas?!?)

Please DO NOT send me any e-mail regarding this website until Feb 2nd 1998. Also, please note that this website will NOT be updated until Feb 2nd 1998 This is due to the many wonderful problems my computer is giving me. Sorry for any inconvenience caused & thanx for your co-operation.

Real Girl Power
"My...wish is for the complete and total destruction of the Spice Girls. I want them ritually humiliated in the streets. I want them tarred and feathered. I can't stand the fact that they've tied themselves to the flag of 'Girl Power' while being managed by men, written for by men and manipulated by men. As far as I can see, they've done not one tiny thing for 'girl power'."
Garbage singer Shirley Manson on her wish for the New Year in Details magazine.(YEAH!! Way to go!!)

READ THIS!!! Just a year ago, they were the hottest pop group since the Beatles. Now there are signs that the Spice Girls may be on their way out.
Sales of their second album, Spiceworld, got off to a slow start.
And there's even talk of a split in the group comprising Melanie C, Geri, Victoria, Emma and Melanie B.
If you wanna read the rest of this article, click here

Quote of the week.
"There is a big difference between the Spice Girls and a porno movie. A porno movie has better music." - Legendary record producer Phil Spector.

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